Women’s issues information centre (WIIC) is one of the most experienced civil society organisations promoting gender equality, gender mainstreaming and women’s empowerment in Lithuania. WIIC started its activities in 1996 and the mission of the motivated team of professionals is to raise society’s awareness on gender equality, influence and promote gender policies in Lithuania. WIIC has a wide experience in promoting European values.

Our Vision

Not a single person can be discriminated against because of their gender.

Our goals

  • We aim for gender equality in Lithuania
  • We promote the status of women
  • We create a better environment for equal gender relations

WIIC promotes gender equality in all life aspects and aims that it gets adequate attention in all political, juridical and social reforms, programmes and activities. WIIC cooperates closely with other CSOs, governmental and public institutions and organisations.

WIIC implements programmes and projects, aimed at stopping violence against women, blocking the way for female trafficking, reconciliation of family and work responsibilities, promoting female entrepreneurship and engaging men. WIIC organises awareness-raising campaigns.

WIIC is a member of the National Equality and Diversity Forum, Lithuanian   Women’s Lobby, National Commission of Equal Opportunities for Women and Men. WIIC leads the coalition ‘No to Violence!’.

WIIC provides specialised complex support to victims of domestic violence, including free of charge psychological and legal consultations. It maintains Women’s support line.  Over the years WIIC has organised many training on women empowerment, computer and IT literacy, training on how to start their own business, addressing stereotypes with young people. It also support the multisectoral cooperation when addressing domestic violence, organises trainings for police, judicial and health sectors.

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