The project ―FemResist derives from the gravity of racism, xenophobia and discrimination against Muslim women especially women refugees as one of the most vulnerable groups expressed as Islamophobia. It is focused on empowering, supporting and protecting Muslim women affected by manifestations of intolerance, in particular hate speech.

Project Facebook profiles in 6 languages:

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(Project Title: Women United Resisting Islamophobia Acronym: FemResist Grant Agreement No.: 875185)

FemResist will  involve  3  multicultural  countries:  Greece,  Lithuania  and  Netherlands and 3 women organisations with expertise in women from different cultural & ethnic background (migrants & refugees). The core idea of “FemResist” is to establish “Antiracism Schools” in 3 countries providing  to women from the general population and women migrants & refugees (also those living in camps), NGO’s and local Authorities (including local & regional authorities representatives, Mass Media, etc.) of each country:

a)Antiracist & anti-Islamophobic  lessons

b)Mapping of  racist and Islamophobic actions

c)Antiracism Festivals exploring critical issues of Racism & Islamophobia through Art.

Duration “FemResist”:  1/12/2019- 30/11/2021

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Evgenia Zarokosta by calling at +302103628104, +306972703038, or email:

Research Centre of Women’s affairs (RCWA) 109, Asklipiou Str., Athens 114 72, GREECE Tel.: +30 210 3628104, +306972200273 e-mail:

Women’s Issues Information Center (WIIC) S. Konarskio G. 49-808 LT-03123, Vilnius, LITHUANIA Tel.: +370 5 2629 003 e-mail:

Association of Women from Turkey in Amsterdam (ATKB)

Cabralstraat 40 H, Amsterdam 1057 CH, NETHERLANDS   Tel.:+31(0)206941854 e-mail:

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