Our goal is to provide specialized services for the persons who experienced domestic violence and police report has been filed.

Specialised assistance centre shall mean an institution performing public functions and providing specialised comprehensive assistance to victims of violence.

The project serves Vilnius and part of Vilnius area inhabitants who have experience domestic violence and who qualify to receive free of charge social worker, lawyer and psychologist consultations.

SAC receives information from police officers about violence cases through phone calls, e-mails or directly from the domestic violence victims. SAC offers help to overcome difficult situations. For example:

  • To clarify the details of the situation
  • To inform about available assistance
  • To create individual support plans
  • To provide judicial and psychological assistance
  • To organize other institutional assistance
  • To mediate/ provide medical assistance to victims

This project has been active since September of 2012.

Results: In 2013 666 people sought out the specialized help center. In total there were 954 consultations.

Law on Protection against Domestic Violence


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