Women’s Helpline was founded in 2004 with the aim to provide emotional support to women as well as all people seeking for emotional help, especially to those living in remote areas, where direct emotional and psychological assistance is not available. The support is confidential, anonymous and free of charge, available 24/7, accessible by phone, e-mail, and e-chats.

The main goal of the Women’s Helpline is to provide emotional support, help to overcome psychological crisis, inform about other support possibilities, as well as take part in prevention of domestic violence and suicide.

The other important aspect of the Woman’s Helpline activity is that emotional support is being provided by volunteers. Thus, training, competence building and motivation of the volunteers is very significant part of the organization’s activity also. The study program takes 4 months and consists of theoretical and practical parts. The theory covers the topics related to psychological crises, suicide, domestic violence, etc., while the practice consists of simulation of conversations and discussions.

The Helpline is operating in three cities and is coordinated by three organizations: public organization Klaipeda Social and Psychological Service Centre (founder of the Helpline), association Kaunas Women Line (got involved in 2007), and association Women’s Issue Information Centre in Vilnius (got involved in 2019). All three organizations are members of the Lithuanian Association for Emotional Support Service, which covers all Helplines operating in Lithuania.

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