Purpose: To strengthen women’s NGO (Non-governmental organization) network in Lithuania and to assist in the daily work of organization’s representatives.


  1. Database of Funds to support women’s NGOs creation.
  2. Strengthening institutional NGO capacities: NGO financing self- improvement, marketing, and public relations.
  3. Creative workshops: creating advertisements for NGOs.
  4. Cooperation with businesses.
  5. Update of women’s NGOs database.

Activity timeframe: January 3rd 2013- July 3rd 2014.


  1. During the project timeframe 82 people from 44 women’s NGOs in Lithuania participated in training sessions.
  2. The women’s NGO database has been upgraded.
  3. Funds database for women’s NGO has been created.
  4. Nine commercial proposals have been created.

38 video advertisements that have been created about women’s NGOs:



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