Project „You can!” (No. K1-O1-PK-V-167) is aimed at expanding the emotional support provided by the Women’s Helpline (WHL) volunteers by phone and online and promoting the idea of volunteering.

Project target groups: WHL volunteers; individuals seeking help from WHL; adult members of society able to get engaged in volunteering.

Activities envisaged in the project are designed at increasing the availability and visibility of the emotional support provided by the WHL. Through social informational campaigns the project will encourage the country’s citizens to get involved in voluntary activity aimed at providing emotional support. In that way, the project strengthens the education of civil society and its values. Moreover, greater visibility of WHL enables more people to seek help. By training more volunteers and extending the working hours of the WHL accessibility of emotional support increases. Raising the competencies of volunteers ensures the quality of provided help, psycho-hygiene of a volunteer, also increases his/her motivation, what decreases the turnover of the volunteers. The activities of the project will also contribute to dealing with the problem of gender-based violence, increasing access to assistance for people with disabilities, those, experiencing psychological crises, at risk of suicide.

Coordinator: public organization Klaipeda Social and Psychological Service Center, project manager Dalia Puidokienė,

Project partners: association Kaunas Women Line; association Women’s Issue Information Center

Duration: 2021 – 2022

The project is funded by:

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